Brine circulation pump and safety units PGR

netec brine circulation pump and safety units type PGR-2 simplifies the installation, because most of the here needed system components are prefabricated, connected and pressure tested.

PGR2 has DC high efficiency pump WILO Yonos Para ST 15/7.1 PWM2. It’s designed to support ventilation units up to 600 cbm/h airflow in combination with netec controller type HTR2-2.

PGR-2 consists
– high efficiency pump WILO Yonos Para ST 15/7.1 PWM2
– pipe branches with tap for filling and draining
– valves before and behind the pump
– thermometers in leading and return
– a safety unit with pressure valve and gauge as well as a link for the hose to the pressure balance tank.

Furthermore, the mounting-racks, a 50 cm (some 20 in) hose to link to the pressure balance tank and a mounting angle for the tank is supplied. The tank itself must be customer supplied and its size chosen according to the brine volume of outdoor brine pipe installed.

Netec pump and safety units are pressure tested. Varying from the picture, the PGR units is complete with plug-in mains cable or system sockets thus avoiding all electrician’s wiring.

For systems with needed higher flow rates no ready-made pump groups are offered by netec. The necessary sizes of such pumps must be individually designed according to the respective fluid flow and the systems flow resistance. To be compatible with pump regulator HTR2-2 it should be pump for cold water useage, controlled either by 0-10-Volt-signal or by PWM-signal. For details see the handbook of the HTR2-2 controller

PGR2:      424 Euro (netto 356,30 Euro + 19 % german VAT)

Customs tariff number for export:  84 19 50 00

Weight of 1 package: 7 kg

=> Product Datasheet of the pump group PGR-2
=> Installation scheme

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