Welcome to the website of netec Energy Technology from Detmold (Germany). Since 2004 we produce brine operated ground heat exchangers, which are  additional components for ventilation systems in residential and non-residential buildings.

netec brine to air ground heat exchangers improve the efficiency of ventilation systems with heat recovery and increase the summer comfort. In the very cold winter they heat the incoming fresh air alone with the lukewarm brine from the ground without a heat pump and prevent the freezing of the ventilation unit.  In the hot summer, they cool the incoming hot fresh air  alone with the lukewarm brine  pleasantly without a cooling machine.

If you do not know yet the function of brine operated ground heat exchangers, look first to System Description.  How to install brine pipes under the house or around the cellar or in the garden, is shown in Installations. Our special components can be found in Products.

We wish you success in designing an enegry-efficient house with a mechanical ventilation system and with a netec ground heat exchanger.

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