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Please tell us briefly by fax, email or post the required delivery quantity and ask for its current prices. Depending on the quantity delivered, there are certain discounts. In larger quantities, the freight costs per unit are also cheaper. If you are a commercial customer in another EU country, please indicate also your VAT number. Then we can deliver to you without charge the German 19 % VAT.

If you are looking for large heat exchangers of the series PGK / WCS for air volumes 500-12.000 cbm / h, please let us know the following additional performance requirements:
– Airflow in cbm / h
– Maximum acceptable air-side pressure drop (eg 30 Pa))
– Coldest winter the outside air temperature for heating (eg -12 ° C)
– Minimum desired final temperature of the air after the winter heating (eg 0 ° C)
– Minimum available brine temperature in winter (eg, +6 ° C)
– Warmest outside air temperature for summer pre-cooling (eg +36 ° C)
– Maximum desired final temperature after precooling in summer (eg +24 ° C)
– Maximum available brine temperature in summer (eg +16 ° C)
– Accepted maximum fluid-side pressure drop (eg 25 kPa)
– Any limitations on the maximum height, width or length (in air direction) of the exchanger
e.g. in confined spaces
We can then calculate the appropriate heat exchanger.

In other respects, our in “Conditions” mentioned delivery, payment and warranty terms and German law are valid unless otherwise is agreed in writing.

Our email is:
Our fax is +49 (0) 5231 390 749
Contact person is Mr. Michael, Tel + +49 (0) 5231 390 748

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