The warranty period is two years for all parts. It is limited to the delivery of the repaired or replaced parts free customer without installation / removal, etc.. Serious damage caused by overload or over voltage (eg lightning) on electrical components or by exceeding the maximum operating pressure or freezing in heat exchangers or pump groups (eg due to insufficient antifreeze in the brine circuit) are not covered under warranty.

For electronic components (eg brine pump controllers), which wired and ready to plug-and-play installation are delivered, will void the warranty if they are being manipulated by the customer when their case will be opened and wiring are removed or altered, or if internal calibration and control elements, or if the installed software is manipulated.

Please remember: Brine circuits must (just like a car radiator) be filled with so much anti-freeze, that the brine does not freeze even in the coldest temporarily outside air temperature.

In dispute german law is valid and Detmold is court location, unless otherwise is agreed in writing or required by law. Fortunately we have never had disputes with our customers, which would have led to a court.

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