How to order

Consumer (for example, builders)

Since Netec has stopped its own production, only remaining stocks of the pump group PGR-2 are currently available. If you need other products, please refer to the respective product pages on this website. It explains where you can get them from in the future. Please use our order form 2023 for individual orders and send it to us by post or fax or email. Please fill out all contact fields and note that the delivery address for mail or parcel service must be accessible.  For inquiries please include a phone number where you can be reached during the day.

For individual orders from final customers, net prices are valid, which are indicated on the order plus 19% german VAT and plus shipping costs. In payment is in advance, we grant a 3% discount. If you want to use it, enter it on the order. Then you will first receive an order confirmation and we ship the goods immediately after receipt of payment. In other respects, our below-mentioned delivery, payment and warranty terms are valid, unless otherwise is agreed in writing.

Commercial installers, resellers or planner

Please tell us briefly by fax, email or post the required delivery quantity and ask for its current prices. Depending on the quantity delivered, there are certain discounts. In larger quantities, the freight costs per unit are also cheaper. If you are a commercial customer in another EU country, please indicate also your VAT number. Then we can deliver to you without charge the German 19 % VAT.

If you are looking for large heat exchangers of the series PGK / WCS for air volumes 500-12.000 cbm / h, please let us know the following additional performance requirements:
– Airflow in cbm / h
– Maximum acceptable air-side pressure drop (eg 30 Pa))
– Coldest winter the outside air temperature for heating (eg -12 ° C)
– Minimum desired final temperature of the air after the winter heating (eg 0 ° C)
– Minimum available brine temperature in winter (eg, +6 ° C)
– Warmest outside air temperature for summer pre-cooling (eg +36 ° C)
– Maximum desired final temperature after precooling in summer (eg +24 ° C)
– Maximum available brine temperature in summer (eg +16 ° C)
– Accepted maximum fluid-side pressure drop (eg 25 kPa)
– Any limitations on the maximum height, width or length (in air direction) of the exchanger
e.g. in confined spaces
We can then calculate the appropriate heat exchanger.

In other respects, our below-mentioned delivery, payment and warranty terms are valid unless otherwise is agreed in writing.

Our email is:
Our fax is +49 (0) 5231 390 749
Contact person is Mr. Michael, Tel + +49 (0) 5231 390 748

Shipping and Payment

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, payment is to be made within 21 days after delivery and billing without discount deductions by wire transfer in the account specified on the invoice. International payments must be made by bank transfer free of charge for the recipient, eg by using IBAN. For custom or very high order volume we expect to either advance payyment with 3% pa Credit interest or a payment guarantee from your bank to our bank (Sparkasse Detmold) at the first request after receipt of delivery and after the normal payment period.


The warranty period is two years for all parts. It is limited to the delivery of the repaired or replaced parts free customer without installation / removal, etc.. Serious damage caused by overload or over voltage (eg lightning) on electrical components or by exceeding the maximum operating pressure or freezing in heat exchangers or pump groups (eg due to insufficient antifreeze in the brine circuit) are not covered under warranty. Please remember: Brine circuits must (just like a car radiator) be filled with so much anti-freeze, that the brine does not freeze even in the coldest temporarily outside air temperature.

In dispute is Detmold court location, unless otherwise is agreed in writing or required by law. Fortunately we have never had disputes with our customers, which would have led to a court.

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